You don't need this stuff to get our products (unless you're using it to buy a computer).

First and foremost, Zeegee® produces software. Generally this means custom software solutions for government and business, but we do provide Open Source software as well to the community at large.

Most of our products are completely free. You can download them, look under the hood, marvel at the thorough documentation, even use them in your commercial applications (see the terms in the included licence first).

If you need custom versions or new features, let us know. Our rates are extremely reasonable, and if your feature is general-purpose enough to warrant inclusion into the "standard" distribution, then you can continue to upgrade your software without messy patches.

ExtUtils-TBone Perl module for CPAN t-tests with logfiles.
HTML-Stream Perl module for fast output of valid HTML.
IO-stringy Perl module for in-core I/O.
MIME-Lite Perl module to send messages with attachments.
MIME-tools Perl tools to extract attachments from messages.