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CgSB logo

The scenario. The Cognitive Sciences Branch of the National Library of Medicine was redesigning their homepage, and the director was looking for a new logo.

The strategy. We wanted to create a design that was distinctive yet purely textual. It had to be in keeping with the feel of other logos at the National Institutes of Health. Because logos are used in everything from printed material to icon-sized graphics, it had to work even at small sizes. Finally, it had to evoke something about the institution it represented.

The solution. The Cognitive Sciences Branch was commonly abbreviated "CgSB", so we made that our starting point. Inspired by a couple of famous four-character logos, we chose a two-color grid design with a thematic "twist". In this case, the twist was to invoke the viewer's own cognitive faculties by having the bottom of the "g" also serve as the top of the "B". This being a library, we chose a popular serifed font to evoke a sense of solidity and tradition. Color was the most flexible element: in keeping with the theme of the Federal government, we suggested an American-flag blue, coupled with a sky blue to keep the composition simple and sedate:

CgSB logo

The design is recognizable even at icon sizes, like this: CgSB logo