This toolkit primarily provides modules for performing both traditional and object-oriented i/o) on things other than normal filehandles; in particular, scalars (IO::Scalar) and arrays-of-scalars (IO::ScalarArray, IO::Lines).

We also provide IO::AtomicFile which may be used to painlessly create files which are updated atomically. And in the "this-may-prove-useful" corner, we have IO::Wrap, whose exported wraphandle() function will clothe anything that's not a blessed object in an IO::Handle-like wrapper... so you can just use OO syntax and stop worrying about whether your function's caller handed you a string, a globref, or a FileHandle.

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wrench IO-stringy is now being maintained by David F. Skoll. We pass our software on to others when we feel they can do a better job maintaining and extending it than we can — it keeps good code from becoming obsolete.