Zeegee® offers the following courses:

Little red schoolhouse
It doesn't matter where you are or what your facilities look like. Although we do prefer electricity.

We come to you. For hands-off lectures, all you really need to provide is a room.

We charge by the hour, not by the student. If you have a lot of people to train, then you should like this: Zeegee doesn't charge on a strict per-student basis. Large classes are as affordable as small ones, and you can even add students on the day of the class at no additional cost. Contact us for full terms and details.

Choose hands-on or hands-off. We offer all our courses as simple lectures with optional homework, commonly called hands-off. But if you've got the facilities and the desire, we can teach them hands-on, with students working through coding examples between chapters. Hands-on courses take more time and are more expensive, but some folks feel they get a better experience. The choice is all yours.

Customization available. With advance notice, we can add slides on the topics you care most about, and skip the stuff you don't need.